The Importance of Welcome

Being an even more welcoming church is something we all aspire to. This page offers some insights into what that looks like practically and what people perceive is welcoming.

Since 2007, the Archbishops’ Council has invested in rigorous, independent research to find out what people really think about involving the church in life’s big moments – the times when a new child arrives in a family, when a couple get married and when someone dies.

One of the key things that people value more than anything else from their vicar and from their church, is warmth and welcome. It is the church’s welcome that will most encourage people to return to church, and to develop their faith and trust in God.

Not surprisingly, a lack of feeling welcome is the experience most likely to drive them away. Not only are those people likely be lost to the church forever, but their experience is also likely to be shared with others, propagating myths about the church’s attitudes, not just for the one church where the poor experience happened, but for all churches.

The Ideas given below are all about extending a warm welcome and what difference that makes in mission and ministry to new contacts. There will be more added to this page over time, so come back and visit again every month or so.

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