Making children at a wedding feel welcome

  • Make a point of welcoming the children in your introduction before the entry of the bride. Reassure families that it is alright for the children to move during the service, let them know where there’s space if children need ‘time out’, and point out where the toilets are
  • Give each child a ‘wedding bag’ when they arrive, containing cards and crayons, so the children can make cards to give to the happy couple later on
  • You could also produce a wedding-themed ‘fun sheet’ containing things such as a word search, picture to colour and things to spot within the church or service
  • Include something visual in the sermon or prayers
  • Create a ‘wedding clock’, a visual order of service so carers can show children where they are in the service
  • Have a children’s space- a rug where children and carers can sit within sight of the ceremony, and provide some toys and books for children to use. One church made some bride and groom outfits for the teddies that children played with during weddings.


By Projects Team