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Weddings are so important in the life of the church that the Church of England decided to commission large scale independent research to understand more about why people choose church weddings – and why they don’t. Discover the key findings here, including the moments that really matter for mission.


Research commissioned by the Archbishops’ Council led to a new strategy – the ‘Weddings Project’. It brought churches across the Church of England a fresh approach to wedding ministry, including a range of resources to help, a new understanding of the opportunities we have and a challenge to do this ministry well.

Its aims were to:

  • Attract more people for a church wedding.
  • Build in the mind of the general public an understanding of the Church of England’s core beliefs about marriage.
  • Care for couples and their families so well, that they continue to come back to church after the wedding.

And in October 2008 a change in the law, initiated by the Church of England, came into force. The Marriage Measure introduced a relaxation of rules around who may marry in a particular church.

Explore the links below to find out more about the research, and why there are key moments for mission along the wedding planning journey.