Sport and Wellbeing

Life in all its fullness...

At its best, sport changes life for good. It is God’s desire for all people to have abundant life, to flourish and to stay healthy. There are very few people nowadays who don’t know how important physical activity is for wellbeing, and the potential for all kinds of suffering brought about by inactivity.

Commending, facilitating and enjoying sport, exercise and physical self-care is a positive, loving way for churches to make a difference in their communities, alongside all that we can offer for spiritual wellness too.

That way of serving and changing lives and communities for the better is at the core of what the Sport & Wellbeing project is all about.

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Here, the Church of England’s lead Bishop on Sport, the Rt Revd Libby Lane, reflects on why Sport can be an integral part of a church’s mission and ministry.


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