Happy returns

Weddings are an amazing opportunity to share in a special time in a couple’s life. It can be a key moment in their faith journey as well as their life journey. So keeping in touch afterwards is really important. Simple ways to do that are offered on these pages…

The research conducted for the Weddings Project found that couples who are pleased with their wedding day are happy to hear from their church afterwards, and often disappointed that they hear nothing.

Keeping in contact will help to keep the ‘warm glow’ of their wedding day alive, so the opportunities for further invitation or conversation aren’t left to go cold. Both the marrying church and the banns church (if that is in a different place) can keep in touch. Here are just two simple ways to do this.


1. Send congratulations
Send a congratulations card soon after the wedding day, perhaps in time for when they return from their honeymoon. It’s important that the vicar signs it, to show they’re personally happy for the couple and want to keep in touch.



2. Happy Anniversary
The anniversary cards, (pictured right), are the most unexpected greetings card in the Weddings range of resources, and for this reason, it may have the biggest impact.

  • As most weddings happen on a Saturday, the first anniversary is likely to be on a Sunday – a moment to invite the couple back to their marrying church and hear anniversary prayers for them.
  • If you see the couple in church, make a point of talking to them. Invite them to stay afterwards for coffee if that is offered at your church.
  • If there are any forthcoming events at the church, or a special service, ask if they’d like to come again.


Remembering to send all the Weddings greetings cards to the right couples at the right time could become quite a task, particularly for churches which host many weddings each year. A specially-developed reminder system is available to help with this, (and includes reminders for keeping in touch with christenings and funerals contacts too). To read more about the Life Events Diary and to set up an Account, follow this link.