Cool idea for hot weather

When it’s hot, a cool church to sit in or look around might be the perfect refuge for a family with young children during the long summer holidays.

Choose a time when you can keep the church door visibly open (propped if you have to), pop a sign outside advertising your cool space and repeatedly publicise on social media when the church is open to browse, rest or explore at no cost. Churches can be fascinating spaces for children, especially if they’ve never seen inside one before.

Offer refreshments if you can, but even the most basic pop-in space may be all that’s needed for a family looking for low-budget ways to escape the hot sun, wasps and boredom.

Having welcomers on hand while the church is open is preferable, and you may require them for security or insurance reasons, but one or two volunteers for half a day will enable you test out the idea. It may lead to more regular open days, or other ways of welcoming people into the church building during the week.


Life Events Team