How to welcome them back

A special church service at one of life’s big moments is just the beginning of a relationship between a family and the church. Building on the initial connection you made can be done repeatedly and in very simple, low effort ways. Read this page to learn more about the value of follow-up.

Independent research shows that families expect their church to keep in touch with them after their special service, yet few churches actually do. The good news is that the vast majority of families are happy for the church to keep in touch and would welcome that contact.

The Life Events team has heard countless encouraging stories from all over the Church of England that tell us follow-up – inviting families back to church – is a really effective mission activity. We know that it can have a significant impact on the numerical growth of the church and on the faith journeys of those involved.

The church where the service took place will always have a special place in the memories of all the people who were present, and it will be close to their hearts. Continued encouragement to return to that church, to experience the love and hospitality of the church family, need not be onerous.

You might like to think of the list below as a menu of ideas for how to keep in touch. Browse and see which ideas seem to fit well in your own situation. You need not do everything, but select and practice what you think is achievable and sustainable in your parish.

Keeping in touch by email

Keeping in touch by email – tried and tested

Keeping in touch through the seasons

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