Can I conduct a Church of England funeral in a woodland burial site or other unconsecrated ground?

Yes it is possible to do so, but you must first bless the grave - See Common Worship Pastoral Services p.296.

Does a Church of England funeral have to have a commendation?

If the Common Worship funeral service is used, the service must include a prayer of entrusting or commending the departed to God's mercy: the commendation is not an optional part of the service. The Series One burial service provides the option of including words of commendation in the prayer of

Can someone's home be the final resting place for ashes?

If a family chooses to keep the ashes of a loved one in their home for an indefinite period, there is nothing legally to prevent them from doing so. Pastorally, you may wish to encourage the family to think about a final resting place that enables the ashes to be buried.

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