Posada Storybook
During Advent families from villages of our Benefice take part in a Posada.
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‘Counting Christmas’ prayer idea
This very simple prayer idea uses aspects of the Christmas story to pray.
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Baptism Doves
Our children’s chapel kids make these as a gift for babies or children being baptized in our church, and present them to the family on the day – it’s a good way of reinforcing the idea that the child being baptized can grow into a child who comes to church!
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Staying in touch by email
I collect (with permission*) parents’ and godparents’ email addresses when I book a christening. I then send godparents an email before the christening, congratulating them and sending a copy of the service sheet and a link to the C of E christenings website
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Using Jelly Babies to speak about different roles in the family of God
This is a baptism sermon idea with the message that there are lots of roles in the Family of God and we all have a part to play in this child’s Christian life
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A baptism shawl as a symbol
The Baptism service has provision for the “clothing” of the newly baptised person.
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Baptism box
This is my Baptism Box, which I use when preparing children age 3-10 (ish) for baptism. These are children who are going to be ‘answering for themselves’
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Personalised baptism candles
I present to every child a personalised baptism candle with their name, date of baptism, the name of the church, and the blessing that I use in the service.
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Palm Cross Prayer
On Palm Sunday everyone will be given a palm cross to take away. Here’s a simple prayer idea to use in the service – or for families to do at home while holding the palm cross.
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Name that tune: an Advent all age talk
​​​​​​​This talk was originally done in Gloucester Cathedral, for an all age service at Advent 2, but the approach could be adapted for any Sunday in Advent, or even on Christmas Eve/Day.
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