Using Jelly Babies to speak about different roles in the family of God

This is a baptism sermon idea with the message that there are lots of roles in the Family of God and we all have a part to play in this child’s Christian life. It went down very well and I felt many people engaged with it as everyone has a favourite Jelly Baby. I used a set of toy Jelly Babies and made a giant bag so folk could choose their favourite one when I spoke about them.

Bible Reference: Baptism of Jesus: Matthew 3, Mark 1, Luke 3


Address notes:

Give brief history of Jelly Babies (see Wikipedia etc)

All jelly babies used to be the same shape then in 1989, six of the ‘babies’ were given a name, an identity and features to distinguish them from one another.

Get out of the bag

  • Pink Baby Bonnet – mischievous
  • Green Boofuls – crying, soft hearted
  • Orange Bumper – bum bag, active,
  • Yellow Bubbles – ponytail, lively
  • Grey Bigheart – heart on tummy, puts others first
  • Red Brilliant – baseball cap, leader

It takes many people to make up a bag of Jelly Babies/a family/involved in bringing up/influencing a child – many people were and are involved in nurturing:

Jesus, and this child

  • Mary and Joseph parents
  • GPs/family
  • Wise men those who recognise potential
  • Anna and Simeon older folk who speak truth even when it is hard to hear
  • Priests in the temple those who teach/learn with us about God
  • John the Baptist those who help us fulfill God’s plan for us
  • Who are we in the life of this child?
  • How will we fulfill our role in this child’s life?
  • Need the Holy Spirit – baptism is an opportunity for us all to renew our faith.


The Revd Shanthi Thompson