Personalised baptism candles

I present to every child a personalised baptism candle with their name, date of baptism, the name of the church, and the blessing that I use in the service. I buy pillar candles from Ikea for about £1.60 each, and then print onto the clear address labels you can buy from Staples, etc. I print them for six children at a time (12 labels per sheet, one front and back of the candle) using a Word template that I created. Total cost is about £2 per candle. I’ve received very positive feedback from families.

I’ve attached my template for labels code 4682 from Hermes 2×12 sheets, which may work for other brands.

I obviously give very stern warnings to the parents not to burn the candle down without removing the labels!

Sheet of personalised candle labels.


Jeremy Fagan