After thoughts - your feedback

Thank you for telling us what you thought about the conference and how it makes a difference to your Life Events ministry. Here are some snippets from what you’ve told us.

It was a very packed 24 hours, with a a lot to take in. But delegates left feeling ‘excited, elated, inspired, enthused, empowered and uplifted’ by what they had  heard.

Some  were already planning what they were going to do as a result of the conference. One delegate said: “We’re planning to run a candlemass service with those who have been baptized this year being invited specifically. We are also planning a ‘who let the dad’s out’ taster event next year.”

Another said they would be sending Christmas cards to all baptism families this year, along with an invitation to a Christmas service.

Another delegate reflected: “There was an overall message of consistency and persistence that still echoes and reinforces past evangelism practice we’ve been involved with before, through Alpha.”

The Revd Sandra Millar said: “We’re already thinking of a theme for a conference next year. The key point from this event is that keeping in touch with families in small, low-cost, low-effort ways, but regularly and often, will one day bring a family back to church. Keep going, keep inviting, keep in touch. Eventually, it works.”