Christmas 2020 will be different for everyone, both practically and emotionally.  There will be a need to be imaginative and creative, as we help people find hope and delight in the story of the Christ child coming into the world.

Churches, whether they are open for worship or not, will find new ways to share the Church of England’s Christmas theme this year, ‘Comfort and Joy‘.  Read more about it and download the first new resources on the Church of England website.

The pages below will also offer some practical ideas, as well as space to share your own ideas with colleagues across the country. There are a lot of ideas here, so choose one or two things that are achievable in your context.

Have a look through this one-sheet list of inspirational ideas to get you started (from Emma Buchan in our Christmas webinar broadcast November 12th). Full webinar details will be published during week commencing 16 November.

We’re pleased to share ideas from other too:

Share an idea here on the Church Support Hub

Use the button on the right hand side of this page to submit an idea that you’ve had for making the most of Christmas 2020. We’ll put it online just as soon as we can and link to it from one of these pages.

  • Using indoor spaces

    Even if churches are closed for public worship, the indoor space can still be used. This page offers several ways you can make the indoor space of your church available over the Christmas season.

  • Using outdoor spaces

    Your churchyard and outside noticeboard are seen by many who pass by. Here are some ways you can use that space to make it known that the church is still celebrating Christmas, offering comfort and joy.

  • Using online spaces

    Your social media accounts can be used for sharing all sorts of memes and videos that help to tell the Christmas story, or to help people to think about the meaning of Christmas at home. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  • Ideas to use in the home

    These are few ways you can encourage your congregation and wider contacts to think about faith at home over Christmas.