The Weddings Online Ceremony Planner has Changed

In March 2021, the popular online wedding Ceremony Planner, available through,changed format.

On the Planner, instead of having to log in, select choices and save them into the password-protected tool, couples now simply download an editable PDF into which their choices can be typed and then the document can be saved into their own computer files.

There are still drop-down menus of hymns and readings to choose from in the PDF, and links to pages on where couples can listen to hymn extracts and read suggested Bible reading passages.

The change will have several advantages:-

  • It will simplify the process for couples – no login details to store or remember
  • The document can be emailed to the vicar as a simple attachment
  • The document can be edited offline
  • There will be no data storage required at the back end

Anyone trying to visit the old online Ceremony Planner URL will be re-directed to a new page where they can open the PDF.