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Being mindful of step-children
When a good friend got engaged, her fiance's five-year-old son turned and asked his father, "Will you still be my dad when you get married? Where will you live? Will that be my home?" This provided his father and future stepmother with a mile-wide opportunity to reassure him and...
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Introducing The Life Events Diary
The Life Events Diary (LED) is custom-built online software with the potential to radically streamline administration for baptisms, weddings, banns and funerals, and helps churches build lasting relationships with new contacts through life events, boosting mission.
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Ready-made marriage prep
The latest estimate of the cost of relationship breakdown in the UK is 51bn per annum according to The Relationships Foundation. That is in excess of the current total UK defence spending figure!
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Building bridges: What does follow up look like?
A quick look through my inbox reveals all the organisations that keep in touch with me - and some send me things in the post as well. National Trust, Tate Britain, Gloucester Cathedral, Trailfinders, plus all the useful things like insurance and utilities.
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Life Events Ministry and GDPR
A Life Event service is a wonderful opportunity to show the warmth of God's love, and to welcome those who may not otherwise find themselves walking through the church doors. By carefully considering your approach to data protection, you can take advantage of these opportunities while ensuring safe...
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Generation Y still hope to walk down the aisle
This news item was issued by the Church of England on April 12th 2018: Generation Y still hope to walk down the aisle
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Life events make special memories
I recently read a report which explored the psychology of memory and decision making: it seems we make future decisions based on past experiences. It is really important that we have a bank of positive memories to draw on when we are faced with the next opportunity to choose again.
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Wedding talk
Recently, I took my first family wedding when my 'niece-by-marriage' married in St. Bartholomew's, Nympsfield, a beautiful listed church in Gloucestershire. It was the first in the next generation, so we were all just a little bit excited with hats, cameras and tissues at the ready.
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Warm contacts, wider contacts
Every week the Church of England is involved with around 3000 funerals, 2000 baptisms of children under 12 and 1000 weddings. Each of these services attracts a congregation - we don't actually know how many people we meet as the numbers are not recorded anywhere. (We all count congregations a
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Supporting couples financially
The average cost of a wedding in the UK is somewhere between £17,000 and £24,000. Estimates differ depending on the source, but they all settle somewhere close to the £20,000 mark. For most people this will seem an extremely daunting figure. So what role is there for local churches in supporting...
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