‘Engagement blessing’

I recently did an ‘engagement blessing’ at our local Nursing Home, where the grandfather of a newly-engaged bride is bedridden. The bride’s mother contacted me concerned that he may not see the actual wedding due to his health. So we organised a very special ‘engagement blessing’ (with flowers, robes for me, posh frocks, printed service sheets and candles, and with champagne afterwards), at his bedside – just the engaged couple, her parents and me.

I blessed the engagement ring, and we used the Bible reading that will be repeated at the wedding. Apparently the vicar in the grandfather’s previous parish did something similar for the bride’s sister (in church that time, as the old man wasn’t yet bedridden), so we used a lot of that service. It was hugely appreciated by the family, and by the grandfather in particular! All credit to the family for asking.


By Sue, Team Vicar, Salisbury Diocese