Exploring Faith Journeys

Benita Hewitt has been involved in research for 40 years and following a profound experience in her 40s which led her to God, she turned her professional curiosity about people’s behaviour to understanding more about faith journeys. Much of the research that has been central to our understanding of Life Events comes from Benita Hewitt.

During a one-day seminar, Benita talked engagingly about what her wide experience has taught her about how and why people come to faith in God, what makes them want to join a church/the Church, what influences and hinders their openness to God and the Church, and how we can support people in their journeys of faith.

“People’s lives are driven by hopes and fears, but sustained by love.” Benita Hewitt

Benita’s notes are available here, along with her presentation from this fascinating day which can be found here

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“It was a bit like one of those TV programmes, ‘An Audience with….’ where you get to hear about the person’s life-work, it was fascinating.”
Delegate at Exploring Faith Journeys event, hosted by Benita Hewitt.