Don't just talk about it, do it!

I've become convinced that the principles behind the GraveTalk initiative are invaluable and to be encouraged. Consequently I held a session recently to which I invited the local ministers from other Christian denominations and the local funeral director; feeling that this would widen the appeal and provide a potential source of information which could be helpful.

Together with my Pastoral Team, who with the other ministers, were informed facilitators for each discussion group, we followed the prescribed pattern and had a successful afternoon as thirty six people, of mixed ages, attended; some unknown to us, some from outside the village.

One lady who e-mailed to thank us, described herself as a spiritual atheist who had a particular interest in the after-life. So can I encourage you not to spend 9 months thinking about it like I did, but to ‘do’ it, and to bring out of the shadows this valuable ministry.