Godparents’ Sunday is a response to research undertaken on behalf of the Archbishops’ Council looking at parent’s real experiences and expectations around the baptism of their child. In 2016, Godparents’ Sunday took place for the first time with resources made available to help create a great day of welcome and celebration.

The date for Godparents’ Sunday is always the Sunday before the first May Bank Holiday, so in 2019, it will be May 5th, but you can celebrate the role of godparents at any time of year if you wish. One of the biggest findings of the research was that godparents really, really matter to families. Godparents are part of family life for all the years ahead, a relationship that will last into adulthood and beyond.

So setting apart a Sunday to celebrate and pray for this special relationship is a great opportunity to share with families and ask for God’s blessing on godparents and godchildren everywhere.

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