What is Godparents’ Sunday?

Godparents’ Sunday is a response to research undertaken on behalf of the Archbishops’ Council looking at parents’ real experiences and expectations around the baptism of their child. Godparents are part of family and church life for all the years ahead, a relationship that will last for a lifetime. So setting aside some space, (even if that must be virtually), to celebrate and pray for this special relationship, is a great opportunity to share with families and ask for God’s blessing on godparents and godchildren everywhere.

How to join in

Explore the different options below for this year and next.

  • This year, keep it simple by including Godparents Sunday prayers in your usual service online. All the ideas included in the Just Pray link below can still work in an online-only service. And why not encourage the godparents and godchildren in your congregation –  of whatever generation – to reach out with a ‘hello’ using social media?
  • The other links below will need to be put on hold until a time when public worship in church and much larger gatherings become possible again, but you can use the ideas to think about how you’ll join in with Godparents’ Sunday in 2021.
  • Just pray

    Simply praying for the godchild/godparent relationship during one of your usual services is an easy way to get involved. Download prayers and other resources to help from this page.

  • Pray and invite

    If you’re praying for godparents everywhere, invite baptism families along to join in too. Resources on this page will help.

  • Pray, invite and party

    This may be the year you want to go all-out and give a big, warm welcome to families with a special celebration service and gifts to give away. All that you need to make it extra-special is offered on this page.

  • Pray, invite and keep going

    Godparents’ Sunday could form an important annual event as part of the year-round ministry to families. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Keeping in touch continually throughout the year needn’t be time consuming and there are resources and ideas to help with this too.