Exploring Your Vocation

Are you exploring your own vocation? If you think that God might be calling you, and are wondering what to do next this page might help you to reflect on what that calling might mean, and direct you to further resources.

Are you exploring your vocation?

The good news is that if you are baptised you already have a vocation because ‘vocation’ just means ‘calling’. Our primary calling as Christians is to live life in all its fullness and be representatives of Christ in the world. God loves us and wants us to be the person he has called us to be.

For some we may identify our calling as a role in the world that allows us to follow Jesus as a disciple and share our God given skills in service to benefit others.

There is also another calling, sometimes called ‘having a vocation’ which is not for everyone but may be for you. This particular calling is to serve God and all people through one of the Church’s authorised lay or ordained ministries. For this particular calling you have to allow your sense of vocation to be tested by the Church through its discernment processes.

Many people feel called to serve God through ministry in various different forms – some of these may be Lay or Ordained Ministry, Church Army Evangelist or as a professed Member of a Religious Community.

God calls all people to follow him and some to minister his Church. He calls young people and older ones, men and women, the wealthy and poorer from all walks of life, social classes, ethnic backgrounds and educational abilities. God has a place set aside for us all in his world.

Understanding God’s calling can be challenging – you might feel excited, anxious, scared or not sure of what to do next. Prayer and being open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help you discern your calling, whatever it is to can be helpful.

To find out a bit more about the opportunities available within the Church of England please visit the main website.

Often the first step to exploring whether ministry is the right path for you is to speak to your local vicar or chaplain. You can use the link below to find the closest Church to you. If you aren’t Baptised or currently attending church this is also something you can discuss further with your local vicar or chaplain. http://www.achurchnearyou.com/