What might the future Church of England look like? Will it be defined by its hope, trust and actions? How will it be successful in navigating the years to come? Critical to any future for the church is attracting lay and ordained servant leaders who will shape the journey and ensure the Church’s place for future generations.

As a whole the Church needs to make a significant shift from a passive approach to vocations work, to a proactive approach. Seeking an increase in all kinds of vocation in the Church, including an increase in the number and diversity of candidates for ordination training. We have a vision of a growing church with a flourishing ministry. Within this vision we hope to see:

  • Every Minister equipped to offer collaborative leadership in mission and to be adaptable in a rapidly changing context
  • A cohort of candidates for ministry who are younger, more diverse and with a wider range of gifts to serve God’s mission
  • An increase of at least 50% in ordinations on 2013 figures sustained annually from 2020
  • The rapid development of lay ministries
  • A continued commitment to an ordained and lay ministry which serves the whole Church both geographically and in terms of church traditions

Explore the links below to find out more about nurturing vocations.

  • Exploring Your Vocation

    Are you exploring your own vocation? If you think that God might be calling you, and are wondering what to do next this page might help you to reflect on what that calling might mean, and direct you to further resources.

  • First Contact

    How can you encourage someone to explore their vocation? We can all benefit from the support of others, and when exploring vocation someone to walk alongside, and learn from can make all the difference to the journey.

  • Discernment

    When someone comes to you wondering if they have a vocation how best can you help them to understand what it might mean for their life? The dictionary defines discern as: to separate, to sort out, and to sift through. It is a time when you allow yourselves to be open to God’s will.

  • Encouragements and Barriers

    Taking different perspectives and placing ourselves into another person’s shoes can help us understand different points of view. What are the encouragements and barriers to young people pursuing ministry and how can we overcome them?

  • Encouraging Women

    How can women be encouraged to embrace leadership? A great deal of work has been done to investigate gender imbalances in leadership roles outside the church- how can the knowledge from this be applied to encourage women?

  • Minority Ethnic Vocations

    Working to increase representation and inclusion of minority ethnic Anglicans at all levels in the Church is not only about redressing an imbalance, it is essential to church growth. How do we make a place for everyone in our church?

  • Developing Young Vocations

    Many of the most significant leaders of recent times began their journey when they were young, or felt their calling to ministry as a child. How can you best help support young people in exploring their vocation?

  • The Religious Life

    The Religious Life is a way of living the Christian life. It is not something exotic or separate, but at root, a call to prayer and service. God has called many people through the centuries to the life of a ‘Religious’.