Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has become a significant opportunity in commerce to market gifts, cards and evenings out to help couples celebrate their love. It’s an opportunity for the church too – to invite weddings contacts to church and join them in celebrating the gift of marriage, whether that is yet to happen, or has happened recently. These ideas offer simple ways to do that.


  • Invite your weddings contacts, whether newlyweds or soon-to-be married, to the Sunday service closest to Valentine’s Day. The service can mark the occasion simply, by offering special prayers for those who are just married or about to be married, or it can be more extravagant with balloons and giveaway chocolate hearts!
  • This parish in York uses Valentine’s Day  to invite couples to a quiz night. They host it simply to keep in touch and build a relationship with couple-in-church-3couples who will be marrying at the church.
  • Remember to include banns couples in your invitations – it will reinforce the message that their local church is there for them throughout their married life and gives them an opportunity to have a taste of church, right where they live.