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These future sessions are part of a series of webinars from the National Evangelism and Discipleship Team. There are three on Life Events – specifically focused on funerals, bereavement and remembering. We hope you can join us.


Recovering Christenings: connecting with families again

Monday 19th April 10-11 am

Babies have been born and families created throughout the last year, but sadly, baptising a child at a christening has rarely happened. In this webinar, Sandra Millar looks at how we can help families to celebrate, pray and belong through baptism and blessing services as we being to open doors again.

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Bereavement support: meeting a need

Wednesday 21st April 10-11 am

Recent research by the Church of England showed that 91% of people have experienced a bereavement in the past 5 years.  Over 2/3rds think the church might be there for them with spaces, places and people.  In this webinar, Sandra Millar will be joined by a colleague from Loss and HOPE to explore simple, practical ways that everyone can contact, listen to and bless those who mourn – a ministry of all people.

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Re-engaging with families: The Big Picnic, Godparents’ Sunday and Messy Church Go Wild

Wednesday 12th May 3-4pm

Sandra Millar, Mary Hawes and Lucy Moore (Messy Church) look forward to a time when we can meet with families, share a picnic and start conversations about the amazing journey of faith. Find out more about this year’s Godparents’ Sunday – July 11th – and how you can use this time to re-engage with families.

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How the Life Events Diary can help your church 

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Follow this link to learn more about the Life Events Diary and the webinars planned to help you through the Covid-19 pandemic.