The first contact and first experience with any church-related activity makes a big difference to faith journeys. To look at this more closely, the Evangelism and Discipleship Team hosted a special conference on November 5th and 6th 2019. Findings from research around faith journeys were presented, and a line up of inspiring speakers shared their thoughts and experiences. With 175 delegates, it was a busy and wonderful time to learn, share and talk together about the journey from being a stranger to the church to becoming a longer term friend.


  • Day 1: November 5th

    We enjoyed a great first day with introductions to the concepts of faith journeys, friendship, empathy and belonging. A virtual fireworks display and toffee apples in the evening meant the first day ended with a bang.

  • Day 2: November 6th

    The second day began with a Fresh Expressions Eucharist, reflections on everything we shared on Day 1, and continued with more on faith journeys from Nigel Genders and Dave Male

  • Bonus material

    A few speakers at our conference offered additional papers and resources that would be made available afterwards. You’ll find the selection of extra materials and our gallery of photos and videos on this page.