Football Nativity services for use on World Cup Final Day

Below are downloads for two versions of a Football Nativity called 'Greatest of All Time', which could be used in the lead up to the World Cup Final (Sunday, 3pm, December 18th 2022).

You might combine this with a screening of the Game at the church, or, a social event to go elsewhere and to watch the Final together. For more on making the most of the World Cup Final for mission and ministry, see this Article.

The Nativities have been written by Rod Pellereau, from Gloucester Diocese, and all churches are free to use them if they'd like to.

  • Download Greatest of All Time version 1 - in this version the actors say all the words with some input from a just couple of narrators.
  • Download Greatest of All Time version 2 - in this second version there are five narrators who say all the words while the actors simply mime. You might decide to tweak some parts to make it clear who is saying what. (For e.g. by adding “Said one King” where relevant). This version might be somewhat quicker to organise and put together than the first version.