Stranger to Friend Conference App

Watch the three minute video below to find out how to download the app, and how to use many of its great features. Then head over to to get the app.

Now head over to to get the app.

How to add programme items and people to your favourites

As you explore the event programme there might well be plenaries, workshops, and maybe even meals you want to remember or keep on a list to which you can refer back. There might be speakers, workshop leaders, and team members you want to talk to, or follow up with, or list as an aide-mémoire of a conversation you’ve had.

This is where the Favourites list comes into play.

When you tap on a programme item or person, you’ll see a white heart icon in the top right of the page. Simply tap this heart, turning it red, and the item or person will be added to your list of Favourites. You can remove an item or person from your Favourites by tapping on the item or person and tapping the red heart, turning it white.

You can find your list of Favourites from the home screen or from within the menu.

Once you’re in your list, you’ll find two tabs; the tab with the clock icon lists the programme items you’ve added to your Favourites, and the tab with an icon of two people will list the people you’ve added to your Favourites.

Give your conference feedback via the app

Did a plenary offer especially helpful insight? Did a workshop provide particularly useful resources? Was a meal outstandingly delicious?

Provide your feedback on any item on the programme by tapping the speech bubble in the top right hand corner of the item.