Welcome to a new website

The ‘Just For Vicars’ website no longer exists. Read on for more information about what has replaced it.

Hello, you have been re-directed to this page because the Just For Vicars website (justforvicars-yourchurchwedding.org) no longer exists. It has been replaced with this new site called the Church Support Hub, which offers the latest thinking, resources and shared ideas to support the ministries of weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Much of the weddings content that was on the Just For Vicars website is now on the Church Support Hub, but some pages are now obsolete, such as those which displayed out of date news items.

If you’re looking for details of the Weddings Project research, visit the section of the weddings section on the Church Support Hub called ‘Explore the thinking

If you’re looking for fact sheets, see the Downloads section

If you’d like to review and order weddings printed materials, visit the Church Print Hub website, where some items can now be customized with your parish details.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the Church Support Hub, or the Church Print Hub, please contact us, and we ‘d be pleased to help if we can.