Can banns be called in Scotland for couples resident there?

If either, or both the bride and groom live in Scotland, but have a legally-recognised connection to a Church of England church where they are to marry, the Common Licence procedure would be advised.

Is a minimum period of residency required before banns can be called?

If a couple move in to a parish which they now call home, they have a legal connection with the parish church in respect of weddings and banns with immediate effect. They are not required to live there for a certain amount of time before a wedding can be booked, or banns can be called.

How do I order the Welcome Pack and Guest Card?

There are two ways to order the Welcome Pack: 1. Contact your Diocesan Church House to check whether they are still distributing packs. 2. <a href="" target="_blank">Order direct from the Church Print Hub>></a>

Can couples use their own words for their vows?

No. The vows must remain unchanged for legal reasons. At an appropriate point, couples can be given space to offer a reading or even additional things they would like to say to one another, but the official marriage vows, and the rest of the marriage service, must not be changed in any way. <a href=

Do banns certificates have to be signed by a clergyperson?

Yes. Section 11(4) of the Marriage Act 1949 says that a certificate of publication of banns 'shall be signed by the incumbent or minister in charge of the building in which the banns were published or by a clergyman nominated in that behalf by the bishop of the diocese'.

Can a non-UK resident witness a CofE marriage?

Yes they can. However if their first language is not English then there is a need to ensure they understand enough of the service to know what being a witness means and understand what they are signing for in the register.

Do first, middle and/or surnames need to be used in the vows and declarations?

The Christian names, or at least the first Christian name of the bride and the groom should be used.

Are middle names required for the reading of the banns?

The requirement for the reading of the banns of marriage is that the names clearly identify the couple to be married, ie, the names by which they are usually known. Christian and surnames should therefore be all that is required for banns, and middle names may, but need not be included.

How can I combine a marriage service with a baptism?

There are some guidelines available for this <a href="" target="_blank">just here>></a>

I have a bride who wants to have bridesmaids entering the church first, ahead of her entrance. Is this ok?

The custom of bridesmaids entering church first before the bride is popular at weddings in the US. The entrance and exit of the bridal party is purely a matter of custom, not law, so if a bride wishes to have bridesmaids entering the church first, that is fine.

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