Rebuilding Life Events ministry affected by the Covid-19 crisis

Many of the resources on these pages were developed during lockdowns to help your church respond to the unfolding pandemic situation. Much of it is still relevant and can continue to be used as you rebuild your Life Events ministries.

These pages may change, so please keep checking back for the latest information. You can also sign up for the Church Support Hub newsletter by visiting the Home page and clicking the yellow tab (bottom right of the page) so you’ll always know when there’s something new to see.

This article from the Tragedies and Christian Congregations Project, offers some thoughts and insights which may be helpful for reflection.

Rebuilding relationships - Baptisms

Baptisms are now possible again, but it will take time to prepare for these events. To help you stay in touch with families, we'll bring you new advice, information and resources here.

Rebuilding relationships - Weddings

Many couples will be planning their weddings after months of disappointments and postponements. We will be updating advice, information and resources to help you, so keep checking this page.

Rebuilding relationships - Funerals

Funerals have, and continue to be, significantly impacted by the pandemic. There is a huge need for bereavement care and a need to re-establish good contact with Funeral Directors. This page will be updated with resources to help you share God's love and hope with those in your community.

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