Using a rucksack and footprints to help speak of the journey of faith

This is a brief outline for a baptism sermon.  You will need a rucksack and some visual aids; a map, a compass and/or satnav device, a snack. If you want to try the footprints suggestion below, you’ll need one paper cut-out foot shape for everyone in church.

I live in the Lake District so the journey with map etc address was easy for folk to relate to, have done a similar thing using OS map symbols – trig point, close contours, view point, information point etc relating to Christian journey as well.

Bible Reference: works with many readings, I used it with 1 John 2:1-2, 12-14 on Father’s Day
Message: Christian life is a journey and God provides all we need

Address notes:
Introduce idea that got we all got to church by different modes of transport and that you like walking
What do you need to go for a walk (have rucksack with visual aids)

Walking the Christian Journey with our ‘kit’

  • Map – big picture Bible (church bible) – we are part of
    the big story
  • Compass/gps location? Jesus (baptism candle) = compass
  • Holy Spirit (dove) – gps
  • Snack/Sustenance teaching/groups/school/messy
    church etc (gift bible)
  • Company – other people Church and christian family for
    support and encouragement

We all have a role to play and we walk the journey of faith together.
May be at different places on journey and going at different speeds.
Easy bits and difficult bits – Holy Spirit and church family there to help/support/carry when required.
You could give out footprint shapes to everyone.

All we do will influence those around us – we can choose how.

Using the cut-out footprints

  • You could give out footprint shapes to everyone.
  • On one side ask people write who has been a Christian influence in their life – who have you followed?
  • On the other side write who you hope to be a Christian influence to (this child?) – who do you hope will follow your example?
  • Take footprint home as a reminder that we all follow Jesus and thank God for those who guide us.


The Revd Shanthi Thompson