Remembering Tree

At St Barnabas, Dulwich we wanted people to be able to record the names of people they love but no longer see and to pray for themselves and everyone who was grieving. We wanted there to be something that people could do outside, safely during the pandemic, but we were worried that stones in the church yard might be thrown – sadly we’ve had some antisocial behaviour outside the church recently. We decided to ask a woodcutter to create some trees on wide log bases that we could invite people to hang wooden discs (bought from eBay) with their loved ones names on. The trees were outside the church door for a week leading up to All Souls and were brought into church for our service. We made sure that all the names on the discs were read aloud during the service. We’re hoping to hang the discs on our Christmas tree amongst all the other decorations – and will definitely be using our trees again as a focus for prayer at other times during the year.


Cathy Myers, Life Events Team