Prayer ministry shawl

This is something that a friend has shared with me. After her Dad had died, a couple from her local church came around with a squishy, slightly irregular parcel. In it was a shawl that had been knitted and prayed over by another member of the congregation. It came with a little postcard-sized card explaining that it was a prayer shawl. My friend said that it wasn’t particularly beautiful to look at – but she found herself wrapping it around her when she was feeling low – and when her husband had to work away from home. She said that she couldn’t really explain it, because she is usually a logical person and could easily have gone and got any jumper or blanket, but still she used the shawl. It brought her comfort – like a hug. (She also pointed out that it was very much lay prayer ministry – anyone with basic knitting skills in the congregation could do it).


Cathy Myers