Outdoor Christmas Advent Wreath

We have made a large, outdoor Advent Wreath with one ‘candle ‘ being ‘lit’ each Sunday in Advent.

If you’d like to do the same, you will need 5 round fence posts – 4 painted purple and 1 white (some people might want 3 purple and one pink), 5 cutout flames with a piece of dowelling for the wick. The fence posts are arranged in a ring in the church grounds.

The ‘flames’ are painted, and when it’s Sunday, it’s just slotted into the top of one of the painted fence posts (see below).

We also a banner to display near the wreath which says: “Remember.. the Light will always overcome the darkness.” We will be putting it all up outside St Mary’s Church Almeley in Herefordshire on Advent Sunday.

Tessa Wilkinson