Online Christmas theatre Bread & Starlight Advent resource

There’s a beautiful, hope-filled film made specially for this Christmas by Christian theatre company LAMPS Collective. Telling the story of Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, it can be split into four parts for the weeks of Advent.

It’s accompanied by optional devotional material and it’s a brilliant resource for churches/small groups looking for something different but extremely memorable this Christmas. It could be used in place of a sermon/s too. (They’re also still performing it live in December if guidance permits.)

Details and clips are at

It’s a beautiful show and very thought provoking.

There is an optional post-show session with actors and production team which we are calling, ‘In the Bar’, (have drink and nibbles to hand). It starts at £50 for 50 tickets, plus optional £75 to meet the cast and crew afterwards, so is affordable by even churches with no money, and of course is available to anyone anywhere with internet access.


Sue, (LLM, Oxford Diocese), Felicity Walters & Sam Pullen-Campbell all sent in this idea