Church’s ‘Funeral Arranger of the Year’ Award

The Life Events team heard about a lovely idea from St Mary’s church in Sunbury-on Thames. Each year in December they have organised a ‘Funeral arranger of the year’ certificate and bottle of Champagne to give to the individual funeral arranger they’ve worked most with over the year, and/or who has shown exemplary professionalism and care in supporting grieving families.

Not only does it acknowledge the good working partnership, it’s a ‘thank you’ for the work they’ve done over the last 12 months together with the church, some of which will have been very sad and difficult.

We like this idea because the certificate is for a named individual within a funeral directors, so it is a very personal acknowledgement. Wherever they are from, it reminds funeral directors that the church values the same things as they do when giving families the best possible support at the time of a funeral, and keeps the church top of mind when discussing the types of funerals available to all families, regardless of whether they are churchgoers or not.


Life Events Team