Building bridges with pancakes

Repeated invitation helps families become more involved with their local church.

And there are so many opportunities during holidays and other festival times to host events that aren’t necessarily in a church/worship setting, but which enable churches to connect with families who will be actively looking for something to do.

A pancake party for families with recently baptized children is one example. If your church hall has a kitchen, then home-made pancakes will be very much appreciated by both adults and children, or, you can buy ready-made pancakes.

Invite families of children you baptized in the last year – you can do this via email, or by sending a special invitation card, like this one.

A few tables and chairs, toys to play with, tea/coffee, lots of squash/water and some simple toppings like syrup, lemon juice, jam and perhaps even chocolate spread will be loved by most and will bring local families together.

You might like to include a prayer or a very short talk about what pancake day is all about. Keep it light-touch, for example you could leave a prayer slip on each table with some simple words on: “Thank you God for food, and family, and friends. Amen”.

It’s also a great opportunity for people in the church to get know these families better, build relationships and invite them back to another event or service. It would be a perfect moment to tell them about the Easter Day service, and what activities will be happening through the church then.