Baptism breakfast for prep

A couple of weeks ago we had our first Baptism Breakfast and it was good!

We advertised in and around church and just three families turned up – this doesn’t sound a lot, but we encouraged the mothers who spoke to us (it’s almost always the mums), to come to breakfast with partners, godparents, grandparents, friends wondering about baptism, and they did just that.

Around 9.30am on a Saturday morning, eighteen adults one baby, two infant school children, one baby, four volunteers and me were present. We served croissant, pastries, toast and jam and suggested they look at the question cards we’d place on each table, and chat.

Volunteers kept an eye on each other and alternated between sitting and chatting and manning the toaster! The children ate quickly and loved the very simple play space – a ‘square of chairs’ – 20 easy, low chairs in a square with low tables in the middle and toys etc for the two young children who came.

Around 10.15am we suggested the adults join the children and spent just 15 minutes talking as a group, answering the odd question and telling them about the service but generally, we simply developed relationships. We were absolutely delighted when one young woman who was incredibly anxious about her ‘lively’ son felt confident enough to bring him to church on Easter Sunday. Up to then, she had been afraid to take him in case he behaved badly.

So, within an hour, relationships with a church family and a fringe family were strengthened, and a brand new family had their fears of church allayed. They left knowing what to expect – a visit from clergy who would go through the service and familiar faces to welcome them on the day.

We gave them some literature – we all loved the godparent cards with a fridge magnet inside – and waved them off full of smiles.


Liverpool vicar