Host a picnic event

Weather permitting, picnics are a wonderful way to bring people of all ages together. Sharing food along with light-touch ways to encourage prayer and reflection can strengthen bonds, not just between godparents and godchildren, but also between families and their local church.

For the first time, the Life Events team is partnering with Messy Church to equip churches with ideas, resources and inspiration to draw families together from the local community and celebrate the godparent/godchild relationship.

July is national picnic month, and since so many forms of successful mission involve sharing a meal of some kind, Godparents’ Sunday seems an ideal opportunity to meet and welcome families with fun, food and faith.

Here you’ll find a range of resources, many of them free of charge, to help publicise and run your picnic event, whether you choose to have on the national date (July 11th) or on a different day of your choice. Resources are provided with either a Church of England logo or a Messy Church logo – choose whichever suits your context the best.


High quality ready-printed posters

You can now buy ready-printed full colour posters to publicise your picnic. There are different options depending on whether you are running it on the national Godparents’ Sunday date of July 11th, or on your own date. There are also options to choose posters branded with either Messy Church or Church of England:-

High quality ready-printed invitations

These printed invitations can be put in the post or handed out to families wherever you meet them – at a toddler group for example, or an existing Messy Church gathering.

Free invitations to download

These full colour invitations are free to download and then can be used to email your contacts with the invite attached:

Free social media images to download


The day of the picnic