Just pray

Simply praying for the godchild/godparent relationship during one of your usual services is an easy way to get involved. Download prayers and other resources to help from this page.

There are godparents and godchildren in our congregations. Take the opportunity to set aside some time in the service to pray for the special relationship between godparent and godchild. Pray for the godparents in the congregation and the promises they made for their godchildren. Pray for the children baptized in the church over the last one-two years. These are some more simple prayers you might like to use:-

Simple prayers to say

These are simple written prayers you could have up on a screen for everyone to join in and say.

Version A – just for godparents with actions

Loving God, thank you for the joy of being a godparent.  [Godparents can wave hands enthusiastically]
Help my godchild to reach out to others with love [hands stretched outwards]
And grow in faith every day.  [hands folded as in prayer]

Version B – for godparents and godchildren to say together

Loving God, thank you for the joy of godparents and godchildren.
Help us to reach out to other with love
And to grow in faith every day.

Prayer video for godchildren

This prayer video can be played on your worship screen, as part of or as an introduction to the intersessions. You can also share it on social media. If you do, use our campaign hashtag #godparentsunday.

These are the words of the prayer: Dear God, Thank you for my Godparents, look after them and bless them, help me be kind and loving to them and help us together to learn more of you, Amen.

Powerpoint Slides

These can be used in a number of ways. You could use one of them to have this up on your worship screen to convey there’s something special happening in the service, or use it in PCC or other meetings to plan and discuss Godparents’ Sunday 2021 with others in your leadership team.

Prayer calendar to send out

A free (colour) download to send to families and use to help them pray. Offers four weeks of prayer suggestions.



For use in news sheets if you want to show there’s something different/special happening in the service.

Encourage the congregation to pray

Everyone in the congregation can pray, whether they are a godparent or not. A prayer card to send out to the whole congregation can be bought on the Church Print Hub, just here.


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