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  • New to Godsend?

    The Godsend framework helps you connect people to God in a natural, 21st century way, and to help their faith grow. If you’re new to this, these pages give you an introduction to what it’s all about.

  • Stage 1: Listen

    Tuning in to God and knowing what he wants for you and others around you is all part of preparing the ground before you get to work. It’s a time to pray, listen, recruit help, reflect, and then make a start. This page helps you do that.

  • Stage 2: Love

    Sowing the seeds of Jesus’ love begins with showing it in simple, practical ways that people can relate to. Read on for some inspiration on how to go about it.

  • Stage 3: Community

    Here you’ll learn more about why changing the world for the better isn’t a one-person job. You’ll gather around you a close, core team whose common values will trickle out to the wider community. As they love and welcome others, solid relationships will begin to take root.

  • Stage 4: Share Jesus

    A strong and supportive community is a safe place to share what Jesus means to you. This page will suggest some ways to do that and see faith grow in those around you.

  • Stage 5: Church

    Cultivating a growing faith requires gentle encouragement and the courage to practice ‘church’ in new ways. Some examples and ideas for what works are given on this page.

  • Stage 6: Repeat

    Praying your community will be sustainable? You may be focusing on the wrong thing. Discover how reproduction is the key to endurance.