Introducing the Life Events Diary

The Life Events Diary (LED) is custom-built online software with the potential to radically streamline administration for baptisms, weddings, banns and funerals, and helps churches build lasting relationships with new contacts through life events, boosting mission.

  • It is free
  • It is secure
  • It is GDPR-compliant
  • It is easy to use
  • It’s designed exclusively for Church of England churches

You can find the Life Events Diary at


Every family that approaches a church for a wedding, banns, a baptism or a funeral will begin a journey with the people in your church, whether their first contact is with the vicar, an administrator or a church warden. For the family, it will be a time of big emotions and big questions.

You will want to care for them and make their service the best it can be. Behind that care, there will be a huge list of tasks, not just to plan all the services, but to keep in touch with the families afterwards and encourage them to stay connected. The LED is designed to help churches do this efficiently.

For several years, churches across the Church of England have been using the Pastoral Services Diary (PSD) to support Life Events administration. The LED is the next generation re-launch of this tool and will have some new features which have been developed in response to ongoing feedback from PSD users.

  • The LED enables churches to:
  • Record legal and personal data of families safely and securely
  • Cut down on duplicating data-collection
  • Co-ordinate tasks and dates related to a service with church leaders and others in a team
  • Never forget a significant date for pastoral care, or an opportunity for follow-up after a service, such as an anniversary
  • Keep track of fees for each service
  • And much, much more

The LED is suitable for any kind of parish structure, from a single church to a multi-parish benefice.

It has been built with the combined experience and expertise of Church of England Life Events and iKnow church, specialists in church IT and administration systems.

Every LED account will have:-

  • A built-in calendar so you can see workload levels at a glance
  • Ways to share data, tasks and messages with others in the church to help you direct, delegate and coordinate from wherever you are.
  • A system that reminds you where you need to be and when, and about other significant dates and tasks connected to a service or family
  • A way to print information out exactly as it is laid out in a Register entry to help you fill in Registers accurately
  • A way to print labels for mailings – great for invitations. There are LED-compatible labels available to make sure addresses fit perfectly every time.
  • A way to upload documents and store them with the relevant service/family details.
  • A way to collect data from enquiring families via your parish website and send it straight into your LED account.
  • Tutorial videos to help get you started
  • Unlimited email support from a dedicated team to answer questions.