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Ashes to ashes...and then what?

What happens to ashes after cremation? How can the church help with the disposal of loved ones' remains? June this year, over 150 clergy descended on the National Funerals Exhibition at Stoneleigh Park, as part of the 'Taking Funerals Seriously' conference organised by the Archbishops'

Ministry at Grenfell Tower

Rev Dr Gabby Thomas, a curate at St Mary with St Alban, Teddington. She writes here about the churches' response to the Grenfell Tower fire disaster. This blog was first published by Psephizo <a href="http://psephizo.com">www.psephizo.com</a>. On Wednesday 14th June, like the rest of the UK, I

What is GraveTalk?

It has always been difficult to have conversations around death, dying and funerals, even more so when it gets personal. However, in the past few years signs have been appearing that this taboo is under challenge. This challenge is partly being driven by demographics: the generation known as 'b

Death on the mountains

Follow the link below for a theological analysis of a dramatic story in which an unexpected death turns a holiday into real life, and a priest is asked to work outside normal comfort zones. <a href="https://churchsupporthub.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Death-on-the-mountains1-1.pdf">Read <em>Death on the Mountains

Being present, being there - live-streaming of funerals

I was in a traditional English market-town church this Sunday, and as I scanned their weekly pew-sheet, I noticed that they had live-streaming of the service on offer. In fact, the vicar drew attention to this right at the beginning, welcoming any who were listening. There didn't seem to be any issue or difficulty...

When and how to hire a BSL interpreter for a Church of England led funeral

Deaf people who use British Sign Language (BSL) often go to their local Chaplain, or specialist minister for Deaf people to conduct the funerals of family members in BSL. However, it should be remembered that many Deaf people come from families where most of the members are not Deaf and may not have knowledge of the Deaf community.

Breathing new life into the funeral business

This is an interesting overview of how the funeral business has developed since the Victorians and, from a business perspective, how trends continue to change. The article is from <em>The Conversation, </em>an<em>"</em>independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community.


Like most vicars I have taken quite a lot of funerals, some straightforward, others complex and challenging. I have also experienced bereavement in my own life and since I often process things through writing about them, I decided to write a short novel about a vicar struggling with his own experiences of bereavement.

Can a Christian have a vocation to be a Funeral Celebrant?

My name is Alan Stanley. Six years ago before I took an early retirement from my dental practice, I had been asking the Lord, 'what next?'. I knew that there was always the probability that people, and especially people in the church, would say 'now that you are retired would you..?'

Dying Matters and GraveTalk

The past few years has seen the beginning of a major cultural shift in our attitudes to talking about death.

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