Using Online spaces

Your social media accounts can be used for sharing all sorts of memes and videos that help to tell the Christmas story, or to help people to think about the meaning of Christmas at home. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

As well as posting your own services and messages over Christmas, you’ll see all sorts of things shared by your church colleagues and they are easy to re-share – follow other churches in your area to enable you to do more of that.

These few suggestions may help to get you started on Christmas posting and sharing:

  • Six of the nation’s favourite Christmas carols, translated into British Sign Language, with specially commissioned music and words arrangement and recording, available for download to use in services, assemblies, concerts and workshops without any additional music licences:
  • Suggest to your followers that as the dark night draw in, parents can help their child with star-gazing, to enable them to experience awe and wonder. This article will show them how to do that. There is a great video on that page too, produced by the Bible Society, which explains the ‘Well good news of Christmas’ for children. You could share that separately if you wanted to – here it is:-

  • Colleagues at Christian Publishing and Outreach have produced this super video specifically for sharing over the Christmas 2020 season to bring light and hope. If you do share it, please use the hashtag #ShareTheLight or #WillYouShareTheLight.