Using indoor spaces

This page offers several ways you can make the indoor space of your church available over the Christmas season.

Churches can remain open for individual private prayer. It creates space for the stressed and worn out and also those who want to celebrate in church in some way but not necessarily in a large public worship event – so create a period of time in church just to come and sit in a sacred space, listen to quiet music, pray, perhaps appreciate Christmas art, read Christmas poems, and hear Bible readings.

  • This ‘Remembering Tree’ idea from St Barnabas in Dulwich can be used at All Souls’ or Christmas and acknowledges those who will be grieving and gives them a place to remember inside the church.
  • Consider live streaming or recording your services for broadcast. If you’re new to this, you may find it helpful to watch this webinar about live streaming and recording funeral services, as many of the tips and principles are just the same.
  • You may consider creating a recording of the worship leader(s) delivering your services, ready for broadcast on the days leading up to Christmas and on the day itself. You can advertise and invite as many contacts as you like to watch this and you’ll have full control of the broadcast content.
  • This short, humorous presentation is ideal for a young children’s slot in Christmas service recording or live service.
  • Here’s a very simple ‘countdown’ prayer idea using the characters from the nativity.