What is everyday faith?

Everyday Faith is about how we find and follow God in our daily lives. It's about the impact our faith has on our work, our relationships and how we are as individuals.

Everyday Faith is about how our lives look outside of church, and how and where we find God. How do we pray during the week, and who do we pray for – and with? What do our values and behaviours show others about how we are as Christians? Do our families, friends, colleagues and neighbours know we are Christians, or is it a part of ourselves that we keep quiet? How do our actions influence the lives of others for the better?

For many of us, church is something that we attend on a Sunday. We don’t always know what to do about our faith once we’ve left the building, or how it might affect what we do in the week.



Home offers the space to make mistakes and ask honest questions. Home gives us a place to become who we are created to be. Home is a place where we can discover God’s presence together in the place we spend most of our time.

Home gives us the chance to be fully known and fully loved by those who share our space because of God’s gift of love through us. It is a call to choose a lifelong exploration of a growing faith, nurtured in the normal everyday elements of life together.

Resources to support parents, schools and churches in developing children and young people’s faith are available on the Faith at Home page.


Many of us spend around 40 hours each week at work - and maybe more. We make decisions, we encounter challenging situations. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don't. How and where do we find God in the midst of these decisions and situations, in the chaos and busyness of our working lives? Is there even a place for faith in the workplace? What would this look like? Has anyone done it before?

Find workplace groups, resources, and prayers on the Faith at Work page.






Discover stories of the impact that faith makes to people’s daily lives.





Prayer offers us a time to be with God, to share our day and ourselves.

Enjoy prayers for the start, middle and end of each day.