Work and Worship: Book review

This 2020 book from two academic theologians aims to reconnect the worship life of the church with the working lives of the church. The authors themselves note that this is some task and that the people like them (white, over-educated theologians - Nick hides in the corner) can be part of the problem. To negotiate this, they feature several real-life stories form a variety of people, alongside a comprehensive walkthrough of how worship and work are intertwined in the Bible.

The book has three main sections: foundations, resources and practices. The resources section, in particular, gives a range of ways that we can shape communal worship to better reference and speak into our working lives. The practices, as the authors again note, would benefit from extending into Monday to Saturday, but even so, this is well worth a look for people with responsibilities in leading worship as well as those who want themselves to integrate working life as worship life. 

Find Work and Worship: Reconnecting Our Labor and Liturgy by Kaemingk & Willson at Eden online. Yes, they do spell labour with a missing vowel...

Work and Worship book cover