It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent: book review

Over the summer we were delighted that Rachel Turner from the BRF project was part of the team that helped put together our first set of Faith at Home resources. Rachel has written a pretty comprehensive companion book for parents and carers on how to engage with children and young people in growing and sharing in faith.

This book is primarily aimed at church leaders and looks at how we need to shift inspiring the everyday faith of parents and parenting from putting on programmes to creating a culture. The book starts by walking through how we create a communal vision for supporting children and young people's faith, and how this helps the whole church grow. It looks at the skills that leaders need - formal ministers and volunteers - to help develop the capacity for growing faith. It then walks through what this might look like in practice across a range of areas of church life.

This is obviously not framed for the current challenges of COVID-19, but the team have a range of updated ideas on their website. You will find links to buy the book here.

It Takes a Church