Conferences and Events

Find out when the Baptism Matters, Weddings, and Taking Funerals Seriously one day events will be in your area, book your place, watch videos from past conferences, and follow the tour on Twitter

Weddings Conference in 2018

Don’t miss out on 25% off the booking price for the ‘Engaging with the Engaged’ conference – the offer ends January 31st 2018, but you can still book now to ensure you save. The conference will reveal the very latest research on how couples make choices for their wedding today and over the next decade. Follow this link to see more details and book your places.

Diocesan events

Taking Funerals Seriously, Weddings and Baptism Matters

At these one-day events, hear about independent and extensive research on baptisms, weddings and funerals commissioned through the work of the Archbishops’ Council. Printed and online resources to ministry and mission within the Church of England’s occasional offices, tried and tested in parishes and shown to make a difference, will be available to review.

You can follow the tour, and see photos and videos, on Twitter with the hashtags #cofetfs and #baptismmatters

Diocesan dates for 2018

Carlisle: Life Events with one day on Funerals focus and one day on Baptisms focus, 10th and 11th July
Chester: Baptism Matters, Saturday 3rd March
For further details contact: Anne Cody on
Chichester: Weddings, 14th November
Norwich: Baptism Matters, 9th May
Worcester: Taking Funerals Seriously, 22nd May

Here’s where we’ve been already in 2017:

Baths & Wells: Baptism Matters, 22nd February
Chichester: Taking Funerals Seriously, 1st December
Ely: Baptism Matters, 2nd March, Taking Funerals Seriously 28th September
Baptism Matters, 31st January
Liverpool: Baptism Matters 15th March
Norwich: Taking Funerals Seriously, 26th September
Oxford: Life Events, 30th September
Salisbury: Taking Funerals Seriously, 3rd October
Truro: Weddings, 4th May
Winchester: Taking Funerals Seriously, 28th November
Worcester: Baptism Matters, 10th May

Here’s where we’ve been already in 2016:

Bath and Wells: Taking Funerals Seriously, 13th June
Birmingham: Baptism Matters, 7th June, Weddings 9th July, Taking Funerals Seriously, 27th September
Bracknell: Baptism Matters open-to-all conference, 15th March
Canterbury: Funerals Follow Up, 17th and 18th March, Baptism Matters, 26th May
Cambridge: Baptism Matters open-to-all conference, 26th April
Taking Funerals Seriously, 12th January, & Barking Area: Taking Funerals Seriously, 20th October
Chester: Taking Funerals Seriously 25th February
Coventry: Baptism Matters, 20th January
Durham: Taking Funerals Seriously, 2nd and 3rd November
Exeter: Taking Funerals Seriously, 10th March
Guildford: Baptism Matters, 1st March and Taking Funerals Seriously, 19th May.
Gloucester: Taking Funerals Seriously, 28th January
Harrogate: Baptism Matters open-to-all conference, 14th April
Hereford: Taking Funerals Seriously, 16th June, Baptism Matters on 5th November
Leicester: Taking Funerals Seriously open-to-all conference, 10th May
Lichfield: Baptism Matters, Telford: 21st September, Baptism Matters, Stafford: 13th October
See a short video featuring delegates who attended on September 21st, and how much they enjoyed it
Lincoln: Come Back After: Rediscover the Weddings Project, 3rd March
Newcastle: Baptism Matters, 3rd May, Taking Funerals Seriously, 4th May, Weddings, 1st November
Oxford: Baptism Matters, 15th October
Peterborough: Baptism Matters, 17th September
Rochester: Baptism Matters on 2nd February
Sheffield: Baptism Matters, 2nd July
Solihull: Baptism Matters open-to-all conference, 23rd February
St David’s: All offices, 28th September
St Albans: Baptism Matters, 24th November
Truro: Baptism Matters, 11th February, Taking Funerals Seriously, 15th November
Weston-super-Mare: Baptism Matters open-to-all conference, 8th March
York: CMD training on Funerals, 12th May

Here’s where we’ve been already in 2015:

Blackburn: Baptism Matters on 1st December
Taking Funerals Seriously on 22nd September
Carlisle: Baptism Matters on 2nd December
Coventry: Taking Funerals Seriously on 3rd November (Bishop’s Study Day)
Durham: Baptism Matters on 7th November
Lichfield: Taking Funerals Seriously on 29th September-1st October
Liverpool: Baptism Matters on 3rd October, Taking Funerals Seriously on 17th November
Lincoln: Taking Funerals Seriously on 13th October and Baptism Matters on 14th October.
Oxford: Taking Funerals Seriously on 7th October
Peterborough Taking Funerals Seriously on 12th November
Portsmouth: Baptism Matters on 20th October
Rochester: Taking Funerals Seriously on 26th November
West Yorkshire & the Dales: Taking Funerals Seriously on 11th November