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As we've journeyed through varying levels of pandemic restrictions, the Life Events team has offered webinars to help. It has been a very difficult time for churches and for all those we meet through Life Events services, especially those who grieve. Use these pages to look back on all that we offered and learned..


You can still access our support from the comfort of your home and look back on the expertise, advice, reflections and practical tips that helped you manage the impact of Covid-19 on Life Events services. Much of what was broadcast willstill apply as you begin to rebuild your Life events ministries.

Come back after: Baptisms & Weddings
Broadcast on Tuesday, 7th July 2020. This webinar explored how we can help make special days special in new ways, and how we continue to support and bless people during a time when so many dreams have been disrupted and plans put on hold.
Open Come back after: Baptisms & Weddings

Equipping people to start their faith journey
This session, on June 18th 2020, explored what we can learn to equip people to start out and continue their faith journeys following a Life Events service.
Open Equipping people to start their faith journey

Using technology to support funeral ministry
‘Using Technology to Support Funeral Ministry’. This very practical webinar explored some of the ways that you can create a simple online service on the day of a funeral for those who can’t attend in person.
Open Using technology to support funeral ministry

Bereavement: An ongoing concern
‘Bereavement: an ongoing concern’ delivered on Thursday, May 14th 2020, 10am. Everyone’s experience of bereavement is unique, but the way we can offer our support has changed during this unprecedented time. During this session we looked at who the bereaved are and how everyone in our churches can support them.
Open Bereavement: An ongoing concern

Remembering: A future concern
If someone has died during the Covid-19 pandemic, their funeral will have been quite different to how their death might otherwise have been marked. Families and friends will want to gather together to remember the person who has died once it is again safe to do so. This session explored how churches might support the bereaved at the time when restrictions are lifted.
Open Remembering: A future concern

Funerals : An immediate concern
On May 1st 2020, Canon Sandra Millar, Head of Life Events, delivered this webinar to over 900 delegates outlining some practical advice, thoughts and reflections for funerals during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Open Funerals : An immediate concern

Webinars coming up
These future sessions are part of a series of webinars from the National Evangelism and Discipleship Team. There are three on Life Events – specifically focused on funerals, bereavement and remembering. We hope you can join us.
Open Webinars coming up