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As we've journeyed through varying levels of pandemic restrictions, the Life Events team has offered webinars to help. It has been a very difficult time for churches and for all those we meet through Life Events services, especially those who grieve. Use these pages to look back on all that we offered and learned..


You can still access our support from the comfort of your home and look back on the expertise, advice, reflections and practical tips that helped you manage the impact of Covid-19 on Life Events services. Much of what was broadcast willstill apply as you begin to rebuild your Life events ministries.

Remembering and Remembrance in 2021
Revd Canon Sandra Millar and guests explored creative ways to serve our communities around All Souls' in 2021. Broadcast on September 15th 2021.
Open Remembering and Remembrance in 2021

Webinars coming up
These future sessions are part of a series of webinars from the National Evangelism and Discipleship Team. There are three on Life Events – specifically focused on funerals, bereavement and remembering. We hope you can join us.
Open Webinars coming up

Re-engaging with Families
Broadcast on Wednesday May 12th, Sandra Millar, Mary Hawes and Lucy Moore (Messy Church) look forward to a time when we can meet with families, share a picnic and start conversations about the amazing journey of faith.
Open Re-engaging with Families

Recovering Christenings
Broadcast on Monday, 19th April 10-11 am, Sandra Millar looked at how we can help families to celebrate, pray and belong through baptism and blessing services as we being to open doors again.
Open Recovering Christenings

Bereavement support: meeting a need
Broadcast on April 21st, Head of Life Events Sandra Millar was joined in this webinar by Katy Tutt from Loss and Hope, and explored simple, practical ways to help everyone contact, listen to and bless those who mourn – a ministry of all people.
Open Bereavement support: meeting a need

Marriage Registration changes
From May 4th 2021, the registration of all marriages will change. Our Q&A webinar, links to information, FAQs and resources are given on this page to help you transition to the new process.
Open Marriage Registration changes

Bereavement and funerals: a far-reaching need
Broadcast on March 11th 2021, this webinar revealed how people have been affected by death and grief in the past year and where they think the local church can help.
Open Bereavement and funerals: a far-reaching need

Celebrating Love & Life: Weddings in 2021 and beyond
Broadcast on February 2nd, this webinar helped us think about the opportunities and challenges around weddings for 2021 and beyond.
Open Celebrating Love & Life: Weddings in 2021 and beyond

Christmas in your community
Webinar – broadcast on November 12th. Sandra Millar and Emma Buchan shared creative and practical ideas about how to make Christmas memorable in and beyond the church, with a focus on the possible, working alongside the national digital campaign and resources.
Open Christmas in your community

A Season to Remember
Broadcast September 24th 2020. Revd Canon Sandra Millar explores how the church can help people remember those who have died, particularly around All Souls’ Day, Remembrance Sunday and as we journey towards a very different sort of Christmas. This webinar provides practical advice for finding new ways to be there for people, even though our usual patterns of worship may not be possible.
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